Personality Traits of Successful New Yorkers

If you were to ask 20 different New Yorkers what they thought were essential qualities for living in New York, you would probably get 20 different answers. Of course that is part of the beauty that makes New York; there’s a niche for everyone. But if you really wanted to know if you will fit in here and be happy, here are some of the most common ways to describe New Yorkers (and there are a few that might surprise you):

1.) Motivated. New Yorkers have places to be and seemingly limited time to get there, both literally and conceptually. People tend to describe New Yorkers as “in their own little world”, though not necessarily in a bad way. People here simply know what they need to do and aren’t going to waste time getting it done.

2.) Persistent. Granted, many people come to NYC to accomplish their dreams, but they’d be foolish if they thought it was going to happen overnight. A true New Yorker understands that goals take time (and sometimes a lot of Top Ramen) to accomplish, and a little set back here and there isn’t going to derail them. Successful people in New York are definitely persistent.

3.) Open-minded. New York is so incredibly diverse it’s hard to imagine anyone growing up sheltered. Living here means you are going to be exposed to a great variety of people of different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. If you’re close-minded to everything, you’re going go crazy before you know it.

4.) Realistic. Once you’ve seen it all your feet tend to be planted a bit more firmly in the ground, and New York is one of those cities that will show you everything if you live here long enough. While some people may look at life through rose-colored glasses, New Yorkers live a little closer to reality. Not to say they’re overly serious though….

5.) Creative. Different situations call for different actions, and New Yorkers are definitely presented with a variety of different situations every day. Maybe they missed the bus and have to wrangle up another form of transportation, or maybe they’re an artist that needs to come up with something completely new and different to set them apart in a city full of other artists.

6.) Self-reliant. If there’s one thing that’s true of almost all New Yorkers, it’s that they know what it’s like to be on their own. Not to say people aren’t helpful (people are most definitely helpful), but it’s not very likely that you’re going to find someone to hold your hand through every life experience.

7.) Appreciative. No one appreciates that extra foot of headroom more than a New Yorker that’s been living in a 12’ x 12’ apartment for the last two years.

8.) Interesting. If you aren’t an interesting person when you arrive in New York you most certainly will be one once you decide to leave. This place has a way of giving experience and perspective to even the most reluctant recipients.

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