Interior Design Colors to Fight Winter Gloom

Admit it, as beautiful as winter can be with all the glowing white snow in the streets, it can also be a little drab. Not every day is breathtakingly gorgeous; in fact many winter days are miserable. It’s cold, it’s slushy, and all you really want to do is curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite book. But nonetheless, you have to continue with life. We all do. Bummer.

However, just because it’s not exactly bright and inviting on the outside doesn’t mean your home can’t be on the inside. In fact, here are just a few color schemes that interior designers use to break out of some of that depressing winter funk:

1.) Anything with green. Green is a color that reminds us of spring and summer. It has the power to make you forget that it’s actually 14 degrees outside. Green mixed with warm colors, like reds and yellows can bring you back to a warm summer’s day, while green mixed with cool blues or aquamarine tones can give you feeling of relaxing on your favorite beach; both are places anyone might want to retreat to in the middle of winter.


2.) Pink and brown. I know, I know, you’re probably picturing some 16 year-old’s room in your head right now, aren’t you…well don’t. Pink has a beautiful way of warming up a space, and brown has a way of keeping everything grounded. If you’re nervous about trying pink, stick to muted tones or try a soft beige or gray with pink undertones.

3.) Gray. Personally, I’m a huge fan of white rooms, but they can seem a little stark in the wintertime. A soft gray will not only warm everything up just a little bit, but it will also keep things a bit more interesting than taupe or cream. Pick gray accessories with a bit of shimmer or texture to them to keep the room from appearing flat or boring.

4.) Orange or yellow. Orange and yellow are both fairly bright colors, so it’s natural to feel a bit intimidated. However, nothing quite livens up a dull room as much as a healthy dose of sunshine in the form of yellow daisies on your kitchen counter and a soft, cushy pillow on your couch. All it takes is a little bit, but the difference it makes is astounding.


5.) Burgundy or Brown. Burgundy and brown are actually pretty similar colors, so they can both be used in the same way. Typically, dark jewel tones tend to make a room feel smaller and more intimate. You want to feel as cozy as possible? Throw a rich burgundy blanket on the couch and some dark brown candles on the coffee table.


Don’t feel like making a permanent color scheme change? Then don’t! As long as you keep your large, permanent items (think couches, walls, desks, etc.) a neutral color and bring in your new color scheme through accessories (think pillows, rugs, lamps, knick-knacks, etc.) you’ll be able to switch everything out as soon as the weather warms up…or even before then, if you so desire.

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