Why Downsizing Your Home Might Be a Good Idea

Downsizing; the word brings to mind what elderly folks do when their children fly the nest. Downsizing should really only be an option for people in financial trouble or empty nesters, right?

Wrong. Downsizing your home can actually turn out to be one of the best decisions you can possibly make. A smaller apartment may not seem as glamorous, but there are definitely some benefits to be had. Here are a just a few:

1.) Less space. This may seem like a disadvantage right off the bat, but let me explain. Less space means less room for stuff, which forces you to clean out that junk closet you’ve been avoiding for the last 14 years. After all, isn’t your junk closet just being used as storage?

To quote Ms. Heather Lavin (downsizing and organizational genius), “Imagine your home is 2,500 square feet (including storage space) and your mortgage is $1,600 per month. You’re paying .64 cents per square foot, per month, for your home space. If you’re using 1,000 square feet total to store stuff, this means your stuff is costing you $640 per month.” Understand the logic now?

2.) Less utilities. This one is just simple math. A smaller home means a smaller space to heat and cool throughout the year. Rooms that are continuous (kitchens and dining rooms that aren’t separated, for example) require less light since there are less walls that block off light coming from other areas of the house.

Just be sure that you have a sound home. A smaller home isn’t going to do anyone any good when it comes to utilities if the windows and doors are so drafty they may as well be left open.

3.) More efficiency. As we mentioned earlier, less space equals less room for things we don’t need, and that means the things we do have need to perform double duty. Ever walk into a giant kitchen wanting a glass of water and become completely overwhelmed by all the tools and gadgets? You don’t need a garlic press. Chopping garlic and then smashing it with a knife gives the same effect. You don’t need an omelet maker; learn to make one in a regular pan just like everyone else in America. Get rid of that useless clutter.

4.) Less maintenance time. How long would you say it takes to clean a large home? Surely not near as long as it takes to clean a small apartment. Less stuff means less picking up to do, and less space means less overall cleaning to do. Imagine the extra time you would have if you didn’t have to devote every single Sunday afternoon to cleaning an entire house?

5.) Less worry. Simply put, the less things you have the less you have to worry about. Plus, fewer items in your home also typically results in better air quality, and that’s definitely something to be happy about.

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