Design Tips for a Large Apartment

Chances are, most people probably don’t consider this a challenge. After all, the more space the better, right? Well not exactly; at least not from a design standpoint, that is. And it doesn’t even have to be a large apartment, per say. When you find yourself moving out of a tiny, cramped studio apartment to…well pretty much anything else, it can be a challenge to decorate without making it seem like you own virtually nothing. So here are a few ways to make a larger room seem a bit cozier:

1.) Use darker colors. Just as it’s advised to use lighter colors to make a room look bigger, darker, richer colors can make a room look more intimate. You don’t have to go all dungeon-like though; think about just having a statement wall in a deep plum or chocolate brown. This will often be enough to ground the room without making you feel like you’re floating in a vast space of nothingness.

2.) Absorb sound. Echoes give the illusion of a larger room, and while that may be the feel you’re going for in the main foyer, in the bedroom…not so much. The use of fabrics and rugs will help to absorb so much of the sound bouncing around.

3.) Go bigger. And by bigger, we’re talking about the furniture. That little loveseat of yours might have worked as a full-size couch in your last place, but in your new apartment it will probably look more like a giant chair. Instead, think about getting a few larger pieces to ground the room and give it a sense of shape.

4.) Use the right lighting. People often make the error of only having overhead lighting in large rooms, but this can often come across a bit harsh. Table lamps and other lights that are eye level will make the space seem more intimate. By combining high and low level lighting you can emphasize the size of the room while still giving it a comfortable feel.

5.) Use the right floor plan. In a smaller apartment there is often a limited number of ways you can arrange your furniture and belongings, but in a larger apartment you have many more options. By choosing the right floor design, you will make your rooms feel like they have a purpose and avoid any potential “dead zones.” Area rugs, furniture and room dividers will all help define your space.

6.) De-clutter. Too many things in a small room can make it seem cluttered and claustrophobic, but too many things in a large room can make you feel overwhelmed, like you have just walked into an oversized storage closet of some kind. Regardless of what size your room is, getting rid of all the tiny knick-knacks and decorations  you don’t need will help keep your place looking clean and sleek.

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