Getting Rid of “Permanent” Home Fixtures on Your Walls


Picture this: you move into a beautiful home ready to make a few changes and put your special mark on the place, when you are suddenly confronted with the face that a few of the current interior design choices are a little tougher to remove than you thought. Maybe you thought a wall of wallpaper would come down in a jiffy and have now been struggling with it for 6 hours…with no progress. Or maybe you thought that picture hanging in the hallway was just that; a picture, hanging, in the hallway. Turns out it’s glued to the wall. Now what?

Well don’t worry, as there is a problem in every occasion there is most likely a solution. And we’ve got a couple solutions for you to the problems listed below.

1.) That wallpaper isn’t going anywhere. Traditionally, if you want to get rid of existing wallpaper you need to try soaking and scraping the old wall paper off. If it was installed correctly, it should come off without too much trouble, but if it wasn’t installed correctly, you may have your hands full.

In this case, it might be in your best interest to rent a wallpaper removal machine. These machines puncture tiny holes into the wallpaper and then hit it with a blast of steam. However, this will often damage some of the underlying wallboard, and the cost of renting the machine as well as repairing the existing wall board can really add up. It’s probably in your best interest to hire a wallpaper removal specialist at this point, to save your money and your sanity.

2.) That picture is glued to the wall. Who knows why they all out glued a picture or a mirror to the wall instead of hanging it like a normal person, but it’s your problem now. Thankfully, sometimes a hairdryer pointed at the adhesive will cause it to soften and you can slowly use two small flat bars to gently pry the object from the wall. As soon as you stop feeling give though, reheat the adhesive. Keep in mind this will definitely be a slow process.

When you do finally pry the picture or mirror from the wall, look at how much adhesive is left. You might be able to remove most of it, sand the rest down, apply a good wall sealer and paint the wall. Otherwise you may need to replace a bit of the drywall. It shouldn’t cost too much to do this and it’ll be well worth your time; especially since that crazy clown picture if finally gone.

3.) Textured walls. You might not have noticed these when you first looked at the place, but the second you begin to move in they will certainly make their presence known. Just one brush against a wall and you’ll feel the sting of what feels remarkably close to concrete sandpaper. The solution: replace the drywall. Sorry folks, this one is just that simple.

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