Just Moved? Get to Know Your New City

Moving is tough. Even with all the excitement it usually brings (you’re relocating for a new job, you’re closer to family, you moved in with your girlfriend) a new city can be pretty intimidating. But as soon as you unpack most of your belongings and find a few seconds to explore, here are a few things you want to do:

1.) Pick up a local newspaper or magazine. Local newspapers and magazines are your source for all your local news. Sure the national papers will have more information about what’s going on in the world, but these little tidbits will contain information about new community developments like that brand new dog park that opened last week or a list of concerts going on this weekend. They might have an article about a local eatery that’s been around forever or one that’s just opening.

2.) Take a class. Now is the time for a clean slate! So many people avoid taking classes about things they’re interested in because they feel embarrassed about who they might see there. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Take a class! You’ll not only meet plenty of like-minded people but will also develop a new skill. That’s the best of both worlds!

3.) Pick up where you left off in your old city. Were you in a book club every Sunday? Hit the gym a few times a week? Do the same in your new city. Find a local book club or a gym or whatever it is and dive right into your old schedule. Besides meeting new people you’ll probably start to feel a little more relaxed and at home in your old habits.

4) Get out and about. One of the most frustrating things about moving to a new city (at least for me, anyway) is not knowing where everything is. In general, no one looks for a hardware store until you need one, and searching for 30 minutes just adds added stress onto whatever project you were in the middle of in the first place. So take some time and drive/walk/bike around town to find a few staples. Grocery stores, the police station and hospital, the hardware store, a decent autoshop, a few parks, the gym, your church, where you’ll be going to work and other places you might need to know.

5.) Hit the tourist spots. It sounds silly, but you live here now! It’s as insane to live in New York City and never see the Statue of Liberty as it is to live in Montana and never see Glacier National Park. Whatever city you’re in is sure to have some tourist spots or at least a few nearby, so take a day or a weekend and check them out! Plus, it really gives you something to do when people come to visit and you don’t quite know your way around yet.

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