Summer Activities in the Dead of Winter

We have to admit, as beautiful and “magical” as winter is, January sure does seem to drag on. Once Christmas is over and the excitement of the New Year has set in all you’re left with are piles of snow drifts and constant hopes of a warmer temperature. Here at Ardor New York we’re thankful we live in a city with as many options as it has, but we’ve still created a list with a few ideas you might be able to put to use even if you don’t live in a bustling city. So if you’ve found yourself with a full-on craving for spring, here are a few ways to temporarily hold you over until the real thing gets here.

1.) Attend a concert. Sure it will have to take place indoors (like many of the options on this list), but that shouldn’t make it feel any less summery. A high energy concert typically results in a seriously hot and humid environment, perfect for those hot summer night flashbacks. Choose a favorite band you’ve always wanted to see and get a group of friends together. Once inside it’ll feel like summer in no time.

2.) Have a summer themed pool party. There are plenty of swimming pools around New York, and many of them are available to rent for a few hours. Heck, if you get enough people on board you can rent out a pool for an entire evening and split the cost. Then crank up the heat and bring plenty of summer-themed snacks and beverages. After a night of sipping tiny umbrella cocktails in your swimsuit you’ll feel a little bit better about handling winter for a just a couple more months.

3.) Go on a summer shopping spree. Even though the streets are still snowy, spring and summer fashions are just hitting stores. You might currently live in a winter wonderland, but there’s nothing wrong with preparing for your summer vacation, right? So hit up a few stores and stock up on your new summer wardrobe and beach-going materials.

4.) Spring cleaning. Sure it may sound like an awful collection of chores and everyone puts off until spring, but there are two main benefits to doing it now. First of all, it helps get you out of whatever winter funk you may currently be in. After all, very rarely does a clean house ever make anyone feel worse; second of all, it gets it out of the way. How exciting would it be on the first beautiful spring day of the year to get out and do something instead of stay home and clean out the garage?

5.) Hit the gym. There’s no better time to work out than now. Surely you still have those New Year resolutions to get around to (they aren’t just going to accomplish themselves) and with that new bikini you bought for this summer (see suggestion #3), a few trips to the gym will make trying it on before the weather warms up all that much more enjoyable.

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