What Your Real Estate Agent Wishes They Could Tell You About Your House

Your real estate agent is there to help you. They want your house sold just as bad as you want it sold. Think about it, the longer it sits on the market the more work they have to put in for the exact same commission as if the house would’ve sold months ago. So they would tell you everything you needed to know in order to sell it, right?

Not quite. As much as they may want it to sell, real estate agents are people too, and there are just certain things that are hard to talk about to someone’s face. So even if it is their job, if your home has been on the market a while your real estate agent might be skirting around some of these details.

1.) It stinks. No, literally, it stinks. Homeowners are usually completely oblivious to odors in their own home, and it’s a tough subject to tell someone their home smells like they just cooked a huge pot of beef stew…all the time. But before you address the issue with your agent, enlist the help of a friend or family member, preferably someone that doesn’t spend a lot of time in your home. After all, if your sister has never been one to sugarcoat things, why would she now? And if she says the place smells, fix it. Scrub the carpets, the drapes; anything fabric where a scent could settle. Then bake a plate of chocolate chip cookies for the next showing. Nothing covers a weird scent like an amazingly familiar one.

2.) It’s ugly. You may absolutely love the lime green walls in the master bedroom and the orange shag carpet in the living room, but you’re probably just about the only ones who love it. And frankly, it doesn’t matter how amazing your home is, if it’s painted like the inside of a clown car no one is going to make an offer. So take a real honest look at your place and ask your agent for a heart to heart. If you repainted your beloved fluorescent pink kitchen, do you think you would get more offers? The answer to that is “yes”, by the way.

3.) It’s priced too high. Because your agent gets paid by commission (which is often barely anything in the end) of course they want your home to sell for the highest price possible. So telling you that your price needs to be dropped isn’t just hard news for them to deliver, it’s hard news for them to swallow as well.

4.) It’s the neighbors. Complaining about the neighbors never gets anyone anywhere, but if your house looks absolutely flawless but it tucked between two rundown shacks with kid’s toys and beer cans strewn all over the front yard, people might choose to keep on driving. Your best bet is to politely approach your neighbors about it. Offer to do the cleaning yourself. Document the conversation, give them some time to take care of it and if worse comes to worst contact the authorities. It might make for an uncomfortable situation for a bit but hey, you’re moving, it’ll only be temporarily uncomfortable.

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