4 Things No One Tells You About Living Alone

Ah, the dream of living alone. It’s pretty amazing really; whether you’ve just bought your first home or you’re still a struggling college who’s just plain sick of having roommates, living alone can seem like the ultimate dream for all of those who still have housemates to deal with. However, before you get all excited about the prospect of getting to walk around naked whenever you want to, we thought it would be necessary to let you in on a few living alone secrets.

1.) You will notice anything that goes ‘bump’ in the night. Unlike the feeling of rough security you get when you have roommates, you will find yourself developing a healthy sense of paranoia when you live alone. After all, roommates gave you a free excuse for every sound that you heard at 2:00 in the morning. Maybe your friend just got home from a night at the bar. Maybe they invited another friend over. Maybe they are sleep walking again, and the list goes on. But when you’re alone, everything changes. That little thump you hear now sounds eerily similar to someone wearing the exact kind of boots that serial killer wore in that three hour documentary you watched before going to bed.

2.) You find your inner MacGyver Living alone is expensive. If something breaks, there’s no one else to split the cost with you, and having to pay for every single little thing that goes wrong means you tend to develop a very special set of skills. For whatever it is you need to buy that you don’t have the money for, you can make a contraption that makes everything (temporarily) okay. Garbage disposal not working? You’ve got a mini rake taped to a broom handle. No lock on your bedroom door? You’ve got a string nailed to the wall that wraps around your doorknob.

3.) You can go a bit crazy if you’re not careful. A famous comedian once said that living alone is dangerous because you begin doing everything you’ve always wanted to do and there’s no one around to let you know when things start getting weird. If you want to stay up until three in the morning organizing your fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order, there’s no one there to stop you.

4.) You discover more about yourself. When you lived with a bunch of other people, choosing a bathroom trashcan meant just going down to the store, picking up whatever was cheapest and probably wouldn’t show stains, bringing it home and throwing it in the bathroom. Maybe you took the tag off it, maybe not. But now, whatever you use to decorate your home is a direct reflection of you and only you. You can’t blame the nasty drapes on your roommate. They’re yours. Therefore, you’ll find you start to develop your sense of style faster when you have a place all to yourself.

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