Reasons to Use a Realtor when Selling Your Home


In this day and age, using a realtor can seem like an outdated resource. After all, there are countless ways to bring people to your home as well as research the price range your home should be sold at. If you could save a couple thousand from going to a realtor, why wouldn’t you try to sell your home on your own? Well, lots of reasons, actually, and we’ll tell you why right here.

1.) A realtor knows the target population. You might have resources that bring people to your open house, but are they the right people? Are they the ones that actually have a chance of buying your home? There’s no point in showing your one bedroom condo to a bunch of newlyweds looking to start a family. A realtor not only knows exactly what kind of people won’t be wasting their time looking through your home, but they also know where to find them.

2.) A realtor knows the right people. A home inspection is a crucial part of the home selling process, and chances are, your realtor knows a good one. They probably also know various contractors, architects, bank lenders and other vendors that will be able to help you with the process. Plus, when all of these people have worked with this specific realtor in the past, it makes it much easier for everyone to do their job. The home inspector knows exactly what is expected of them and the bank lender knows exactly what you will be looking for. This will save valuable hours of frustration for you later.

3.) A realtor can make sure the process runs smoothly. There are a lot of little things that go into buying and selling a home. It’s not as simple as putting it on the market, choosing the highest bidder, exchanging bank information and handing over the keys. An experienced realtor will make sure all of the necessary things are in order. They can make sure you choose a buying that has already been preapproved and has a substantial down payment and they can make sure the appropriate paperwork is done ahead of time.

4.) A realtor will help you keep your cool. Selling a home is not only incredibly stressful, but is also extremely emotional, especially for people that have lived in the same home their entire lives. A certain amount of sentimental value becomes attached to your home and it can be difficult to let go of a price you had your heart set on. A realtor will be able to be impartial in this circumstance. They will be able to work through price negotiations with a clear head, getting you the best possible price for your home without completely blowing the sale.

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