5 Things to Do Right After Moving into a New Home


As soon as you move into a new home, you’ll most likely want to just unpack and relax a little bit. And that’s all fine and well, of course, but as soon as you finish your first meal and watch your first movie in your new dwelling, you’d be wise to tackle the following things on this list. Trust us, the sooner you complete the following tasks, the easier life will be in the upcoming weeks.

1.) Look into your insurance policies. If you’ve moved to a new state, chances are you’ll have to get an entirely new insurance policy, and maybe even with an entirely new company. However, even if you just moved down the street, your insurance policy may be completely null and void. Your new house might have damages your insurer wasn’t prepared to deal with. Make sure you have an updated copy of the home inspection and contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.

2.) Get your utilities hooked up. For most people, this is a no-brainer, but many people leave the utilities in their name while the new residents are setting up shop, with the perfect understanding that everything will get switched over in due time. Sure you might be planning on it, but things come up; fast. So switch everything over the second you move in, saving yourself plenty of headaches down the road.

P.S: Don’t forget to switch your other utilities out of your name in your previous residence. You don’t want to be paying double for nothing.

3.) Update your address. And not just with whatever magazines and catalogues that might be coming your way (if you even still want them to be sent to you), but also with other necessary companies, like your bank and your car registration. Many areas are hardly lenient when it comes to the address on your driver’s license. Plus, when you head down to the post office to get everything handled, you usually receive a welcome booklet with coupons to be used at local stores.

4.) Sign up for the local newsletter. Besides the fact that it’ll keep you updated with local news, it also has plenty of reviews of local stores and restaurants. Need a good place to eat dinner your first week in town when all of your dishes are still boxed up and your gas isn’t yet turned on? Check the dining guides; you’re sure to find plenty of good recommendations.

5.) Introduce yourself. Your neighbors know you’re in the middle of moving in, but you’re probably still annoying them just a tiny bit. That giant moving van blocking half the road, the loud hammering as you put in nails to hang pictures and maybe even your dog that keeps running around the neighborhood every time the door opens up. Take a few minutes and introduce yourself; it’ll help your neighbors be more forgiving as you get settled in.

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