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Moving can be a lot more exciting than people give it credit for. A new house, a new job; whatever the reason, there are plenty of new things to look forward to! Packing up everything you own, however, is not nearly as enjoyable. We completely understand the feeling. Nonetheless, just because you hate packing doesn’t mean you should do a poor. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with more frustration when you can’t find anything you need and end up making more than one trip for stuff you really should’ve gotten rid of years ago. So here’s a few tips to making the process as painless as possible:

1.) Clean out the junk. Be stern with yourself in this part of the process. Do you really need? Have you used it within the past year? If you already have one waffle iron that you constantly use, why do you need the other two? For that once in a lifetime occasion when 50 people come over all demanding waffles at the same time? No, that doesn’t count. Toss the other two.

2.) Scrub what you have left. This is simple; you’re moving to a brand new location that has probably been scrubbed top to bottom, so why would you unpack a bunch of dusty items as soon as you take one step into the door? Trust us; it’ll be worth it to unpack clean, dust-free items in your new home. You’re going to need to clean them at some point, why not do it now when you’re scrubbing the rest of your home as well?

3.) Wrap your delicates. It might seem like a waste of time, especially if you’re just moving down the street, but it’s best to be a bit more careful when it comes to your more fragile items. If it’s truly something irreplaceable, you might want to consider not packing it at all, and letting it travel with you to your new destination.

4.) Label everything. And we mean everything. There’s nothing more frustrated than trying to find a single coffee much amidst what feels like 1,000 boxes all labeled “kitchen”. Give every box a label and a number, that way if one is missing you exactly what items are missing and what you will need to replace.

5.) Leave it to the experts. Sometimes it’s worth it to let the experts take care of the larger, more expensive or difficult to move items. That big screen television of yours might be worth the extra charge to the movers if they can guarantee safe transport. Other items, like your piano or extra large, awkward furniture should always be left to the professionals.

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