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Ah, our pets. Our little critters are a huge part of our family, and the idea of living somewhere without your pet simply isn’t an option to most people. However, living with pets proves to be a unique challenge altogether. Pets are, in fact, animals, and that means there are plenty of issues that come along with them. If you’re planning on staying in your apartment for the duration of your lease, you might want to keep the following rules in mind. Break them, and you and your furry little friend might find yourself looking through the want ads for another place to call home.

1.) Be aware of the noise level. Barking dogs are on top of everyone’s list as one of the most annoying sounds out there. It’s literally on par with car alarms. If your hound has a habit of barking through the night, you need to do something about it. Talk to a dog trainer if you must, but under no circumstances should your neighbors be subjected to that.

And it’s not just dogs. Some cats have a habit of sitting by the door and meowing while you are away and box turtles are notorious for making a ruckus in their aquariums all night long. If you have their aquarium next to a shared wall, your poor neighbor could be losing their mind right around 2:30 every morning.

2.) Be aware of the smell factor. Just because people can’t see the litterbox doesn’t mean they aren’t completely aware of one’s existence. Especially if you have it sitting over/under a heating vent. We’re sure you can imagine how awful it would be to have the apartment above you pumping the smell of cat pee through your heating vent every day.

So be sure your pets waste area is located where you are the only one having to deal with it. Keep it clear of any vents, ducts and shared areas, like the laundry room or entry way.

3.) Be aware of the allergen factor. People are allergic to a vast variety of pets, and if your cat upstairs is causing Mrs. MacEntire to have sneezing and coughing fits downstairs, something needs to change. Her conditions could be considered unlivable, which might have the landlord coming to you for answers.

Our best advice: clean, clean clean. Plus it’s always best to make sure Whiskers’ bed isn’t clogging up an air vent somewhere. In addition, rugs can help you control the problem. Hair and fur settles on carpet and hardwood floors, but on hardwood it drifts around and can be tough to clean up. At least on a carpet it stays put long enough for you to grab a vacuum.

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