Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Renovation


Now that the weather is warming up, people have been flocking to home supply centers hoping to get started on that home renovation project they’ve had building in their minds all winter long. However, if you just dive in headfirst, you’re bound to give yourself more than just a headache. Renovations are not small feat, and it would do you good to consider a few of the following points before throwing caution to the wind.

1.) Have you lived in it? People often make the mistake of renovating a home the second they move in. They think they know what they want, but after the renovation is underway they discover little tweaks they hadn’t thought of. Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious for these kinds of revelations. Your kitchen might be unbearable unattractive. But live with it as is for at least a few months before you start tearing down the walls. You’ll discover little things you hadn’t realized, like the fact that you always turn to your left when carrying something from the stove. Suddenly having the counter on the right-hand side would seem a bit annoying.

2.) Do you have the time? Renovations take time, and usually more time than what was originally planned. If you’re starting a month long renovation in late October, you might want to rethink hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house in late November. Of course doing your research and hiring the right professionals will make sure your project stays on track, even when unexpected issues arise. And speaking of professionals…

3.) Do you know what professionals you are going to hire? There are certain parts of a renovation that you can easily do on your own. And many of these you should do on your own; it gives you a better feeling of ownership of your home as well as saves you money when it comes to hiring someone. However, while laying you may be able to cover installing a bit of tile, you should not tackle more significant areas of the renovation, like plumbing or electrical work. Having your professionals in mind will also give you an idea of what you can afford.

4.) Have you planned out the right sequence? Renovation jobs need to be done in a very specific order. This saves you a ton of time and money. In whatever room you’re remodeling, you’ll want to start from the top down to save on cleaning efforts.

5.) Do you have the right materials? Renovating a kitchen or bathroom is not as easy as putting up whatever surface walls and floors you find attractive. It is essential that you use the right materials: ones that are waterproof and able to withstand a certain amount of heat or cold. You don’t want to spend all your efforts renovating a room only to have start over six months from now.

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