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Carlos Lee

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My Biography

Carlos considers himself one of the few lucky guys in the world who loves what he does for work. He never gets tired of meeting new people, exploring and photographing dream apartments throughout every inch of the city, searching for the right property for a client and overcoming those obstacles for a smooth real estate transaction. He enjoys the variety of opportunities that a career in real estate can provide and eagerly learns new skills and information to keep him ready for the latest of technology and fluctuations in the market.
When not serving clients, Carlos enjoys playing music, painting, museums, movies, reading and spending time with his wife and two baby daughters. After living in New York for 15 years, Carlos is still glad to be living in one of the most stimulating and vibrant cities on Earth.
He understands that being flexible while also being honest and tasteful when dealing with the criteria for ones future home, is essential to managing and optimizing the time spent with his clients. Carlos believes that the integrity of positive and consistent communication with the clients involved is the key to a trustworthy and longlasting relationship.
As a proficient and adaptable professional, Carlos also has experience in the hotel industry and property management which has given him keen insight into building operations and investment value. From renting an apartment, to leasing a condo, to closing on a Brownstone, Carlos will help you find a space that is in the right neighborhood, at the right price. Given his history, his method, his intuition and his skills, Carlos has developed an inimitable approach to his goal: finding your home.
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Korean