Choose an Ardor Agent

As a mid-sized firm, Ardor has all of the same advertising tools as any of the very large conglomerate firms, but much less red tape, much more focus and more agility.

Your listing will not be one of many in a sea of listings. Your listing will be special, and your Ardor agent will dedicate considerable time and effort in helping you achieve a successful sale.



  • Ardor Website with 700k Unique Visitors per month.

  • New York Times Online 24/7.

  • Aggressive Postings on Craig s List.

  • Listing Clearance for Street Easy, Zillow, Trulia.


  • Aggressive Open House Schedules.

Targeted Marketing

  • Proprietary Subscriber base of nearly a quarter-million active subscribers searching for a new home in New York City.

  • Targeted Phone and Email contact with listing agents listing competing properties.

Brokerage Industry

  • Immediate implementation of listing on REBNY s RLS.

  • Queens sellers also get LIBOR MLS.

  • Direct marketing to brokers through e-brochures.

Associated Marketing

  • Glossy Property Feature Sheets.

  • Mortgage finance options info sheets through our lending partners.

The Big Firm Mirage

Some people believe that they need to go with one of the huge brand name firms because they ve heard the name before.

Now, it s not surprising that the name recognition is there because these firms have thousands of agents and thousands of listings. Plus, they spend massive amounts of money on advertising the name of the firm through glossy newspaper inserts and other methods that go a long way towards selling the firm itself, but in reality does absolutely nothing to sell any individual property.

When you list with an Ardor agent, you are getting all the large firms anyway, since 80% of the residential sales transactions in Manhattan are co-brokes between two firms, one representing the seller and the other representing the buyer.

Open Houses & Seminars

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