East Village

The East Village exists between Houston and 14th Streets from 5th Avenue east to Alphabet City, and is comprised predominantly of older five-story walk-ups, though new construction has not been a stranger to the East Village as of late. The once seedy element attached to this neighborhood has been shed and the area is a boom of young professionals and students. During the day, the music shops and coffee houses are abuzz and at night, the live music in this part of town cannot be beat. Restaurants are ethnically diverse and some of the best new eateries in town can be found here. Typically, one lives here for the reasonable cost of living, and the multitude of accessible nightlife. It is a haven for the young professionals and artists who flock to these more affordable apartments. And often, a lack of amenities in these older buildings is more than made up for in their individual nuances and charm. Add value onto the access to incredible talent, whether on stage, behind the bar or in the kitchen, and the East Village cannot be beat.